Welcome to idmface

idmface is the powerful API generator for SAP NW ID Management

You use SAP NetWeaver ID Management and you are looking for an interface or API to the Identity Center data, because you want to

  • build a custom User Interface on top of SAP NW ID Mgmt
  • expose its data using standard protocols like WSDL web services
  • have a type safe API for whatever reason

Then idmface is what you need.

idmface is a code generating tool that allows you to generate Java code to read Identity Center objects with a few clicks. No headache about additional components in your infrastructure (like the Virtual Directory Server).

Easy to use. Easy to install. Robust and simple.

The generated code contains exactly the data types you have created in your Identity Center, but as Java objects. Completely type safe. With a few more clicks you can put an WSDL Web Service layer on top of it. Or create a WebDynpro User Interface.